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Trail Tools
Motion Pro Chain Breaker with Folding Handle
23.27 23.43 23.27 USD
Classic Motion Pro compact design offers a simple and reliable means of breaking chains.
Motion Pro Mini Chain Press Tool
9.62 9.68 9.620000000000001 USD
The Motion Pro chain press tool squeezes the chain side plates to help install the master link!
Motion Pro Trail Tool
60.65 61.07 60.65 USD
Unquestionably one of the finest lightweight all purpose tools ever designed. No travel tool kit is complete without this multi tool.
Stop Leak Radiator Sealing Powder
2.99 3.01 2.99 USD
Essential tool pouch item for sealing up leaky radiators, head gaskets, and freeze plugs on the trail. ABRO stop leak also inhibits rust. Simple pour in action will plug pin hole size leaks and prevent seepage.
Motion Pro Trail Tool Hex Bit
4.04 4.07 4.04 USD
An additional / replacement 3/4mm, 5/6mm fitted bit to add to the flexibility of the Motion Pro Trail Tool.
Motion Pro T6 Hex Axle Tool 17, 19, 22, 24MM
27.92 28.12 27.92 USD
Fits internal hex axles on many late model sportbikes and some off-road bikes Four metric hex sizes in one tool: 17, 19, 22 and 24 mm
Motion Pro T6 Bead Buddy
10.11 10.18 10.11 USD
Lightweight portable clamp Designed to hold the tire bead down in the drop center of the rim during tire changes. Removes the need for three tyre levers or three hands!
Motion Pro Mini-Pro Tri-Drive T-Handle
16.18 16.30 16.18 USD
Simple, lightweight set of T-Spanners for use on the trail or in your workshop. Sockets interchangable with the Motion Pro Trail tool. Includes 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 13mm sockets
Motion Pro BeadPro Tire Bead Breaker and Lever Tool Set
68.80 69.28 68.8 USD
The Bead Pro Tire Tool is an innovative, compact and lightweight tool that makes it a breeze to break tire beads and change tires on the road, trail, or even in the shop.
Motion Pro Combo Y-Drive Wrench
14.17 14.27 14.17 USD
This great addition to Motion Pro's range of trail tools offers three 1/4inch drivers, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm sockets, plus 4,5 and 8mm hex head drivers. Handy!
Motion Pro T-6 Combo Lever Set, 32mm, 10/12mm, 22/27mm Adapter
52.61 52.97 52.61 USD
Super lightweight T7075 aircraft aluminium tire levers with integral ring spanner. Unbendable and unbreakable! Used by Dakar racers, RTW riders, extreme expeditions and trails. This adapter allows use on 27mm and 22mm axle nuts.
Motion Pro T-6 Combo Lever Hex Adapter, 32mm to 27mm/17mm
16.39 16.50 16.39 USD
Designed to fit inside the Motion Pro T6 ring spanner this attachment turns your spanner into a multi-purpose tool that fits 27mm and 17mm axle nuts.
Motion Pro 21 mm Pro Plug Socket
22.25 22.41 22.25 USD
Made from a durable and lightweight steel, the thin wall design of the Motion Pro Spark Plug Socket allows for use with 18mm /1 1/16" Plugs.
Motion Pro Trail Tool Torx Bit Set,includes T25/T30 & T40/T45
14.17 14.27 14.17 USD
Torx bit set that includes T25/T30, T40/T45 Torx bits. This Torx trail tool is made from a Durable nickel pewter finish and has a rubber O-ring to keep the bits securely in place.
Motion Pro Trail Tool STRAIGHT Slot bit
4.04 4.07 4.04 USD
A spare flat screwdriver bit to replace a damaged bit out of your Motion Pro Trail Tool, or adventure tool kit.
Motion Pro T-6 Combo Lever Hex Adapter, 32mm to 27mm/22mm
16.18 16.30 16.18 USD
This Motion Pro insert was designed to fit inside the Motion Pro T6 ring spanner. This attachment turns your spanner into a multi-purpose tool for any 27mm or 22mm applications including axle nuts.