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Workshop Tools
Motion Pro Chain Breaker with Folding Handle
28.00 23.18 28.0 USD
Classic Motion Pro compact design offers a simple and reliable means of breaking chains.
Motion Pro 16" Tire Lever
18.00 14.51 18.0 USD
Professional quality steel tire lever for tough jobs (i.e changing moose's). A couple of these levers will make changing those stiff-sidewalled rally type tires a breeze.
Motion Pro Fork Oil Level Tool
35.00 29.02 35.0 USD
Set your fork oil level perfectly everytime, in no time, with no mess. "Makes changing the fork fluid a no brainer."
Motion Pro Cable Luber
12.00 10.02 12.0 USD
Excellent way to lubricate all your cables without removing them from your bike. Just add a can of silicon lubricant and in 1/2 an hour your controls will be like new once again.
Motion Pro Mini-Pro T-Handle set
28.00 23.13 28.0 USD
T-handles make everything easier and faster. This 5-piece set includes 8, 10, 12, 13, and 14 mm sizes and is a super handy addition to your dirt bike tool kit.
Motion Pro T6 Hex Axle Tool 17, 19, 22, 24MM
34.00 27.81 34.0 USD
Fits internal hex axles on many late model sportbikes and some off-road bikes Four metric hex sizes in one tool: 17, 19, 22 and 24 mm
Motion Pro Mini-Pro Tri-Drive T-Handle
20.00 16.12 20.0 USD
Simple, lightweight set of T-Spanners for use on the trail or in your workshop. Sockets interchangable with the Motion Pro Trail tool. Includes 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 13mm sockets
Motion Pro Sealmate Fork Seal Cleaner
9.00 7.25 9.0 USD
If you've got leaky fork seals, give this magic gadget a try before committing to an expensive seal replacement. Most leaky fork seals dont need replacing, they just need cleaning.
Motion Pro Dual Chamber Fork Cap Wrench
21.00 17.08 21.0 USD
Fork Cap wrench has an 8 point box wrench for removing the fork cap (cartridge) on dual chamber closed cartridge forks. (49mm = late-model Yamaha & Honda) (50mm = KTM SX and XC models with the closed cartridge WP 4860 forks (also 2011+ Husabergs!). Don't forget to loosen your upper pinch bolts before trying to loosen the fork cap.
Motion Pro PBR Chain Tool
95.00 77.59 95.0 USD
Motion Pro's newest and most innovative chain tool allows you to 'Press, Break and Rivet' all 520, 525 and 530 chains. A compact, heavy duty tool, mainly for the workshop, but still manageable on the trail for riders who don't use master links.
Motion Pro Mini Brake Bleeder, 8mm
27.00 22.16 27.0 USD
In the past, bleeding or flushing brakes meant juggling wrenches, hoses, waste brake fluid bottles, clean up rags, etc. Now Motion Pro has introduced the new Mini Bleeder, a tool that incorporates many different bleeding tools in one compact package and makes this essential job a lot easier.
Motion Pro Shock Spanner Punch
20.00 16.07 20.0 USD
Ideal tool for turning hard to reach lock ring and preload ring on rear shocks. Angled brass tip gives secure bite and protects ring from damage.
Motion Pro Ringer Fork Seal Driver, 48mm
47.00 38.24 47.0 USD
New and improved 'Ringer' fork seal driver! Innovative design makes tool easier and safer to use than old fashioned pin aligned drivers.
Motion Pro BeadPro Tire Bead Breaker and Lever Tool Set
84.00 68.52 84.0 USD
The Bead Pro Tire Tool is an innovative, compact and lightweight tool that makes it a breeze to break tire beads and change tires on the road, trail, or even in the shop.
Motion Pro BeadPro Tire Bead Breaker and Lever Tool Set HEAVY DUTY FS
68.00 55.41 68.0 USD
The BeadPro FS (Forged Steel) Tire Tool set is a Heavy Duty workshop version of the awesome Beadpro tire set. Longer, tougher and cheaper! This new Heavy Duty Forged Steel versions are longer (16 inches) and tougher for the most awkward to change tires in the workshop.
Motion Pro Wheel Bearing Driver Set
82.00 67.50 82.0 USD
High quality workshop tool for installing every wheel bearing known to man! This complete set of wheel bearing press tools allows easy install of bearings.
Motion Pro 21 mm Pro Plug Socket
27.00 22.16 27.0 USD
Made from a durable and lightweight steel, the thin wall design of the Motion Pro Spark Plug Socket allows for use with 18mm /1 1/16" Plugs.
Motion Pro T-6 Combo Lever Hex Adapter, 32mm to 27mm/22mm
20.00 16.12 20.0 USD
This Motion Pro insert was designed to fit inside the Motion Pro T6 ring spanner. This attachment turns your spanner into a multi-purpose tool for any 27mm or 22mm applications including axle nuts.
Granger's G-Wax 80g
4.00 3.01 4.0 USD
Waterproofs and conditions all full grain leather. Protects treated product from water, oil and stains.
12x Granger's Performance Cleaner 300ml Bottle
6.00 5.03 6.0 USD
Formulated to clean technical outdoor clothing. Eliminates odours, optimises breathability and maintains water repellency. Water repellency is further enhanced by tumble drying after washing.