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Motion Pro BeadPro Tire Bead Breaker and Lever Tool Set HEAVY DUTY FS

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    The BeadPro FS (Forged Steel) Tire Tool set is a Heavy Duty workshop version of the awesome Beadpro tire set. Longer, tougher and cheaper! This new Heavy Duty Forged Steel versions are longer (16 inches) and tougher for the most awkward to change tires in the workshop.

    • Heavy duty shop version of our innovative BeadPro tire tool

    • Innovative multi-use tire tool set

    • Breaks the tire bead on most street and off road motorcycles and ATVs

    • Integrated tire spoons for tire removal and installation

    • 16 inch long handles makes removing and installing tires a breeze

    • Ergonomic design with cross guard to keep hands from riding forward

    • Chrome vanadium forged steel construction for heavy duty shop use

    • There beadpro tire levers work great with the Motion Pro T6 Bead Buddy 2 

    • Durable black oxide finish

    • Weight of set is 2 lbs

    • Patented Design



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