Build the best motorcycle adventure gear. 

Be advocates for sustainable adventure travel. 

Promote the benefits that adventure motorcycling can have on communities. 

Minimise the by-products of our manufacturing processes.


Adventure Spec was established in 2007 by Chris Colling and Dave Lomax after a chance meeting on a trail in Yorkshire, UK. We are a small team who believe travelling light opens up opportunities and experiences that are unique to motorcycle adventure.

We ride small and mid-capacity bikes and pack quality gear with a focus on saving space and weight. Experience and knowledge are part of our tool kit.

We believe that adventure travel gives us a grounded view of the world and helps us appreciate the wonder and diversity of people and cultures as well as the humanity that connects us. In our opinion lightweight motorcycles are the best way to experience this.


Adventure Spec manufacture clothing, hard parts, luggage and accessories for motorcycle adventure. Our gear is built around the philosophy ‘light is right’. Staying light is better for the rider and keeping our impact light is better for the environment and communities we encounter.

Our clothing takes its roots from the world of alpine mountaineering where layering is used to adapt to conditions and efforts are taken to reduce weight whilst retaining strength and durability. All our gear is designed to be easily repaired ‘in the field’, increasing product life and reducing waste.

As much as possible we minimise the by-products of our manufacturing and distribution processes and adopt innovations to help support this. Manufacturing equipment has an impact on the environment, we do what we can to reduce this.


Adventure Spec have served adventure riders since 2007. Recently, our partnership with the Trans Euro Trail has created a home for thousands of adventure motorcyclists who subscribe to the the ‘light is right’ philosophy in Europe. We are proud of our involvement in this project and are committed to seeing it sustainably grow into a force for good within the communities and economies of the countries it passes through.


For motorcycle adventure we need three things.  Wilderness, a bike, and ourselves. Every single adventure rider can play their part in ensuring that we as a community have a positive impact on the future of our past time. This is what Adventure Spec will do:

  • Promote an attitude towards responsible riding designed to leave as little impact on the environment as possible. These messages are a fundamental part of the way we communicate adventure spec and our products.
  • Promote spending in the local economy whilst adventure riding.
  • Adventure Spec products will be sourced, manufactured and distributed in a way that minimises environmental impact. 
  • Adventure Spec clothing will be designed for long life and repair.
  • We will limit our use of plastic packaging and use paper where possible.
  • Support international projects that sustainably increase 2 wheeled access to wilderness areas all over the world.