What is going on with Adventure Spec stock and deliveries?
Dave Lomax explains...


As you may be aware, the last 12 months have been very challenging for manufacturers and retailers. There are a number of reasons for this but I wanted to explain one in particular as I know that it has been frustrating for some of our customers. 

My name is Dave, I am one of Adventure Spec co-owners and I head up the small team that looks after our Helpdesk.

On a regular basis I receive messages inquiring about our stock levels. Like many other businesses in our sector, we have lower stock levels than expected at the moment. 

I am aware that some of the information on our website is not accurate, providing estimated restock dates that are now in the past. I will explain why. 

When we place an order with our factory, Linesman Jackets for example, the factory gives us a date that the order will be completed and shipped to us. This information is fed into our website database and displays as an estimated restock date that you can see. We implemented this system to help our customers get a better idea of restock timings, so you can make a decision about whether to wait or look for an alternative product. 

However, if our factory can’t get hold of any parts needed to make a Linesman Jacket e.g. zips, then the garment can not be completed and shipped to us. We are finding that this is happening a lot at the moment, across much of our clothing and hard parts lines. And it’s not just happening to us, it’s a similar story across the board in our adventure motorcycling sector, from tools to tyres. If one part of the production chain falls down the product can not be made. 

So, there are two things going on here. Firstly, our factories are not operating as we would like. Secondly, our website is providing out of date information. I would like to apologise for both of these. 

Our factories are working hard to get back up to speed, and we are supporting them in every way we can. 

I want to thank you for your patience. If we look back 12 months the situation was even more challenging, but things are improving, slowly. 

Many thanks to all of our customers who have stayed with us on this bumpy road recently. We really appreciate your support. 

Dave Lomax. 

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