Can't find what you are looking for? Drop us a Helpdesk Ticket.

No. Adventure Spec is a small business operating globally. Our customer support team are happy to help you in whatever time zone you are in. You can reach us on our email Helpdesk, or Facebook and Instagram messaging. Thanks.

All three! Adventure Spec HQ is based in the UK, however we have warehouses in the following locations:


Serving our EU customers. You will not be charged additional import duties. Returns go back to our Belgium warehouse.


Serving USA, Canada, Central and South America. USA customers will not be charged import duties. Customers outside of the USA may be charged additional import costs. Returns go back to our USA warehouse.


Serving our UK customers and all other regions not listed above (non-EU, Australia, Africa etc). UK customers will not be charged import duties. Customers outside of the UK may be charged additional import costs, but UK VAT (at 20%) will automatically be removed from UK pricing. Returns go back to our UK warehouse.

Our website automatically detects which country you are browsing from and shows you the correct store and warehose stock that we can supply for your location.

If you can not find the stock info you are looking for on our website please send us a Helpdesk Ticket that includes the following information:

1: The country where the order has been placed

2: The country that the order is to be shipped to

IMPORTANT: Without this info we will not be able to give you accurate stock information. 

No. We are an online only store that sells and ships directly to our customers.

We list all the bikes that we know our parts fit in our product descriptions. If your bike is not listed then it has not been used to test fit the parts. As you can imagine, there are a huge number of bike models available that change through the years. We can not test fit our parts on every bike. You might find that confirmation of fit info can be found in bike forums / groups.

In addition, there are now so many aftermarket parts available for so many bike models we are unable to comment on the compatibility of our own AS parts with any other non-standard manufacturer parts. There are simply too many combinations and updates for us to be sure that any information we would provide for you would be accurate.

Yes! Great gear comes through a cycle of using, learning and improving. If you've got thoughts on features and improvements to any Adventure Spec gear let us know here. Thanks!