The nature of adventure motorcycling means that your gear is given a tough life. Durability is a foundation of the design brief for everything we make.

Our Clothing* is made in our Bulgaria factory and our Hard Parts are made in our Portugal factory where we have close control over quality and manufacturing processes. 

Our factories operate under European health, safety and staff welfare rules and regulations.

We manufacture in relatively small batches and are able to adapt to customer feedback in shorter product life cycles.

Our manufacturing partners are well established and leaders in their fields of expertise and output and our gear is engineered to the highest quality by human beings.

Whilst we aim for perfection we know that sometimes that is not achieved. Our Warranty covers any defects in the materials or workmanship of any Adventure Spec product and customers can get in touch with us via our Helpdesk to arrange a repair, replacement or refund.

*Our gloves and baselayers are made in China.