Lighter gear.

Lighter bikes. 

Lighter impact. 

Our community has ridden many thousands of miles around the globe, and a fair few in our own ‘backyards’. There’s one thing we’ve consistently experienced. 

The longer you do it, the more you learn, the less gear you realise you need.

If you are riding more challenging terrain, further afield, with more chance of dropping the bike or getting stuck, then a lighter bike is a better friend than a heavier one.

If you are away for 10 days and want a fresh pair of underwear every day, then you’re going to need bigger panniers. If you don’t mind roughing it a little, washing as you go, and immersing yourself in the adventure experience then you will be surprised at how few conveniences you actually need to pack. 

Choose the right gear and you can take less of it.

If you are riding in the sunshine, and it’s not raining, then why suffer the weight and discomfort of a ‘boil-in-the-bag’ riding suit? You would be more comfortable, less tired and safer wearing lightweight protective gear that allows you to add warm and waterproof layers if and when you need them.

And here’s the important one. We love adventure riding just as much as you do. If we’re going to keep enjoying it we need to be mindful of our impact in the remote spaces we choose to go explore.

Leave some of your cash in the local rural economy. Not your trash. 

If you believe that Light Is Right, Adventure Spec is for you.