The core principles of Adventure Spec clothing have been used for decades in the mountain climbing and wider outdoors communities. 

The weather changes, it’s sunny then raining, then sunny again. 

On the hike in, you are generating your own body heat and warming up, then you are standing around getting cold waiting for your friend to finish their climb. 

No one suit can keep you comfortable in all these changing conditions so you bring a rucksack with you and add or remove layers as the conditions change.

You adapt. 
You stay comfortable. 
You stay more alert. 
You stay safer.

The more seriously you take your hobby the more technical the layers in your rucksack become. The lighter they are, the less you need to carry, the more freedom you enjoy.

If you’ve never been on a lightweight motorcycle adventure, you may ask yourself this…

“I thought I was here to ride motorbikes, why do I need all these layers?”

If you’re lucky enough to have experienced a day (or many days) exploring more challenging trails on bikes then you know why we’ve adopted the classic alpine layering approach for our adventure gear.

Unlike traditional road riding, lightweight adventure motorcycling takes you off the beaten track. 

Your average speed drops from 60mph to 6mph. 

Instead of covering 300 miles in a day you are lucky to reach 100. 

The going is tough. 

You are getting your luggage laden bike over rocky ascents and through muddy bogs.

At times you are at max effort, sweating buckets. 

And then you drop the bike and have to pick it up, for the third time that day. 

Finally you are back on the road, 20 miles to the next trail.  

And it starts to rain.

Five minutes ago you were sweating. 

Now it’s freezing.

Like the gear that’s designed to help climbers adapt in the mountains, Adventure Spec clothing is built around a system that gives you the tools to work with your changing conditions. And because it’s built to help you thrive in the outdoors, it’s just as comfortable on the bike as off it.

No need for a different set of gear when you get to camp. 

Which means you can pack even lighter.

And here’s the magical bit. 

Our gear is designed to not only help you adapt, but keep you safe too.

CE certified safe.

Adventure Spec is bound by EU regulations that require all motorcycle clothing sold for road use to be CE certified. This puts you the consumer in the position of being able to make informed choices about the level of protection you want to ride in. When you buy a CE certified bit of motorcycle kit the rating, from C to AAA helps you understand how that equipment has been proven to perform in certain lab-tested crash situations.

Knowledge is power.

Adventure Spec clothing gives you the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of lightweight adventure riding, without sacrificing safety.


Core Base Layers

Super comfortable, light, breathable and built with Silver Ion Yarn that is odour resistant. Stays fresher for longer meaning you can beat the stink and pack less
changes of underwear for your multi-day trip. Core baselayers are the solid foundation that the rest of your gear is built upon.


CE Protective Base Layers

The Supershirt is turning the way adventure riders gear up on its head. Instead of relying on your last layer to provide your protection, The Supershirt is an impact
AND abrasion resistant base layer that you wear next to your skin. Put The Supershirt on and you are CE AA protected. Add as many or as few layers on top without compromising CE AA safety.


Mid Layers

The layer that helps you regulate your temperature. Our Baltic Hybrid and Insulated layers give you the ability to add warmth when you need it. Wear your Baltic Hybrid in your sleeping bag, roll out and onto the bike in the morning then take it off when the day heats up at lunchtime.


CE Protective Outer Layers

CE certified jackets and pants that combine comfort with durability. The classic Linesman Jacket and Pant combo has reshaped expectations of how adventure riders can look on the trail. The Mongolia Pant is the go to choice for riders who need Dakar Rally levels of performance. All armour in our CE clothing is removable, so can be worn with protective undergarments such as The Supershirt.


Waterproof Layers

Adventure Spec waterproof layers are breathable, purposefully lightweight and constructed with a hydrostatic head of 28,000mm. You can wear our jackets all day over your base, mid and outer layers, but really, if it’s not raining they are designed to be packed away in your bag. Choose the Aqua Pac jacket if you are going
super minimalist, or the Singletrack Jacket if you are riding for longer in poor conditions and are looking for a jacket with more all day features.


Waterproof CE Layers

The Gravel Jacket and Pant are perhaps the most traditional adventure riding gear in the Adventure Spec lineup. For riders who spend the majority of their time riding gravel roads rather than challenging trails, who don’t have the same demands of layering based on extreme levels exertion, but want the benefit of Adventure Spec’s lightweight approach. Layer up as required and be fully protected from a Scandinavian Autumn, Winter, Springtime.