Adventure Spec luggage can be summed up in one simple word. 


Which is a small town in the east of Russia, a long way from anywhere and very difficult to get to overland by motorcycle. 

Our Magadan Panniers were born from a sketch by long distance adventure rider Walter Colebatch back in 2012. His Sibersky Extreme project saw him travelling by lightweight motorcycle across Siberia, and at the time the only real luggage option for motorcyclists was the traditional big
aluminium pannier.

Walter on his BMW X-Challenge waiting for us to make his Magadan's!

Walter needed something soft, that wouldn’t break his leg if his bike fell on him, easy to repair in the wilderness by anyone with a needle and thread, waterproof and didn’t look too flashy or expensive. 

Basically all the ingredients that any long distance traveller comes to realise are important after many thousands of miles on the road in often inhospitable environments.

We turned that sketch into the Magadan Panniers Mk1 which quickly became the luggage of choice for fellow long distance adventure riders. For a while, if experience had taught you what lightweight adventure luggage should look like, the Adventure Spec Magadan’s were king.

Today the adventure rider has a huge amount of choice when it comes to soft luggage. Cheap and cheerful, flashy and expensive, colour matched to your bike, fancy mounting plates or straps.

The original Magadann prototype

The Magadan's Mk2

The latest Magadan's Mk3

Adventure Spec has… The Magadan Pannier Mk3. We are still firm in our belief that for the long distance adventure motorcyclist, simple is the right way to go. We’ve updated the Magadan’s with a few material tweaks and the ability to add modular pouches, but in essence, what we make now has changed little from that sketch by Walter all those
years ago.

And yet we realise that with the success of the Trans Euro Trail, multi-day adventures have overtaken multi-month expeditions in the lightweight adventure motorcycle community.

Our new range of lightweight luggage is in development. We aren’t ready to share it with you yet, but rest assured it’s simple, easy to repair and built
to take a beating.