If you are looking for a true adventure motorcycling hero then Austin Vince really must be at the top of your list. 

An absolute pioneer in every sense of the word, Austin literally helped invent the ‘adventure bike’ genre. He’s ridden the long way around the world twice (way before Euan and Charlie), been the first motorcyclist to reach Magadan in Russia, conquered the notorious Zilov Gap by bike AND made award winning documentary films that tell the story. 

Every time Austin’s name pings up on our phone screen we know it’s going to be a fun call. 

Adventure Spec are honoured to support Austin’s motorcycle adventures. His projects are some of the most outlandish and energetic that we have been part of.

And the great news is you can be part of them too. 



If you want a GPS adventure with friends then you have the TET. If you want something a little different, enjoy route finding with a real life map and riding in a region blessed with some of the very best mountain trails on offer then Austin’s Pyrenees Navigation Events are for you. A massive adventure weekend awaits. It doesn’t matter if you take part on your own or as a team you will be coming home with more stories and friends than you left with. 


Everyone needs to start somewhere and if you’re a complete newbie to trail riding Austin’s Trail School is for you. Run by Austin’s right hand man Dai Jones, this week of riding will introduce you to the fundamentals you need to get the most out of your bike on the terrain you’ve always dreamed of riding. You won’t be riding round a car park that’s for sure as Dai leads the way through stunning Spanish tracks and trails. A great introduction to adventure riding. 






Light is Right. Capturing the essence of Austins’ round the world exploits, the Mini Mondo is an introduction to light weight adventure camping. You won’t need a tent, but you might need some earplugs as you learn how to setup a bivvy, sleep under a tarp and cook on an open fire. And when we say ‘light is right’ take it with a pinch of salt, we’ve seen the size of Austin’s saucepan! 


The gear that Austin uses (or lack of it), and a few things that we think will help you get the most out of your Vince adventure.