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Barkbusters have built a solid reputation for producing quality hand guards since 1984. Their range fits virtually every bike going and have saved many MANY hands and levers over the years. 

But that’s not the only reason why we recommend them. 

Barkbusters are one of the few hand guards out there that are specifically designed to fit the longer reach levers common to most adventure bikes. 

Yup, your levers are probably longer than a typical road bike. Longer levers provide more leverage and are easier to use, particularly the clutch which is often used for fine control over trickier terrain. 

We find that with some hand guards the tip of your lever almost touches the guard, but Barkbusters are designed to make sure that there is always enough room for hand and levers to fit comfortably. 

Barkbuster Handguards - Metal Frame

Barkbuster Hand guards come in two parts. 

1: The guard itself which bolts directly onto your handlebars.

These come in a range of different mounting options. There are universal models as well as versions specifically designed for your bike. We’ve included information about bike compatibility in our product descriptions, or you can use the Barkbuster website for more detailed fitting info. 

Barkbusters Handguards Fitting Example

Metal hand guard

Barkbusters Handguards Fitting Example

VPS Plastic guard

Barkbusters Handguards Fitting Example

Plus extra guard low position

Barkbusters Handguards Fitting Example

 Extra guard high position

2: The plastics that go with the guard.

These come in a range of styles and colours and are easy to fit onto the guard. We like the VPS Plastics that come with a height adjustable section that you can use to add more wind protection when riding in colder / wetter environments. 

Barkbuster Handguards - plastic shields