40,000 km with the Mongolia Trail Jacket
By Byoern and Lek Schneider

We are a couple, Swiss and Thai, living in Thailand riding Adventure and Enduro. We have combined traveled on our bikes roughly 250,000 km in the last 6 years mainly in the Southeast Asia region. (Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Mianmar, China and Tibet).

During our journey we have always been looking for the right gear for this challenging region of the world, (heat, humidity, rain, sun, extreme temperature and a lot of dirt) and have found it with the Mongolia Trail Jacket from Adventure-Spec combined with the Forcefield Isolator L2 Armour.

We just have come back from a month in Tibet where we have done the not so frequent traveled parts (West, Northwest and North Tibet) 12’500 km, most of it in 4’000 to 5’000 meter altitude and have encountered rain, snow, below zero temperature and a sand storm in the dessert.

The Jacket has blown me personally completely away, simply because it is such a versatile and simple, no-nonsense jacket. The freedom of movement is unmatched and the protection for the more knarly stuff is encouraging and gives you the confidence to push.

We had our fair share of drops and crashes along the way, and it performed 100%. I can’t even see any abrasion on it yet. The quality of material and stitching is very good and has held up exceptionally. My Jacket has about 40,000 km on it and is about 1 1/2 years old and it looks great still, which I could not say about my other Jackets I used before. The wife’s jacket is about 1 year old and has about 25,000 km on it.

For me, the points that stand out are, the arm length that covers the wrists even if you have to stretch a lot, the fast drying materials, the general snug fit (no flapping and no snagging) and the pockets in the rear (very accessible and big enough), and of course the good looks the jacket gives the rider.

This is actually the first jacket I have ever used in my motorcycling career that allows me unhindered movement in comfort. I can see where that comes from riding Enduro with it as well. Dakar maybe!

We used mainly layers to adjust to the temperature and conditions and even used the jacket in light to medium heavy rain, and it kept me reasonably dry and warm. What a surprise for a mesh jacket. While absorbing the water well, it dried extremely fast after the rain and within 10 minutes it felt dry again.

The ventilation on hot days is very good while still protecting from dirt and dust. Other mesh jackets I have used, left your under layers dirty and filthy after a couple of hours. I will definitely keep this jacket and I am considering replacing my riding pants and rain gear as well with a product that is equally convincing - Adventure-Spec.

Thank you for making such a great product and helping us riders enjoy the kind of riding we do. We are looking forward to a lot more.I actually meant to order the special edition from Lyndon Poskitt, but I was too late. Maybe next time. You never know!

Sadly, Adventure-Spec is totally unknown in Asia, while it is in my eyes the best suited gear for this part of the world. I hope this will change in the future, and we will see more riders wearing your products over here.

Thank you again

BJ an Lek

The Mongolia Jacket

The Mongolia Jacket is a tough lightweight outer jacket designed for rally and extreme adventure riding. It features military spec snag resistant nylon 6.6 mesh body fabric that provides maximum ventilation and 1000D ballistic nylon fabric in key abrasion zones for extra protection. Internal shoulder, elbow and back pockets will accommodate protective armour. Weight - 1057g.

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