ADV Spec Atacama on test in the Sahara
Nicola de Liguori Carino takes the Atacama Jacket and Pant on a desert adventure

I had the opportunity to test the Atacama Race Jacket along the Atacama Trousers during an intense week of desert riding in the Tunisian Sahara. I used it without any inner armour. I was wearing a separate full body armour and a Leatt neck brace. With this setting, as first impression, the jacket felt tight on the sleeves, however this was just an impression that was soon dismissed when the jacket was closed. I then realise that the sleeves were in fact right and long enough allowing free movements of my arms and trunk. I loved the fact that sleeves have that extra couple of inches in length to go over the gloves leaving my wrists are always covered.

The jacket is extremely well trimmed and with a body armour feels straight on your body, tight just enough to stay in shape still allowing perfect movements. I loved the fact that is shaped to cover your bum while it is shorter on the front.

The front zip is very strong and works perfectly well as all the other zips in twin set. The building material is very nice. It is rather soft and flexible still maintaining that rigidity that is very reassuring and practical when riding. Certainly nothing like I tried before.  Jacket vent system is good and was perfect in that riding conditions (sunny/windy 10-30 degrees). It could do with an inner secure pocket. With a waterproof shall can be used in variable conditions without problems. Can't think of anything else! 


The Atacama Jacket is a tough lightweight outer jacket designed for rally and extreme adventure riding.

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