Adventure Spec CRF 300 L Parts on the CRF 300 Rally
Will the CRF 300 L parts fit the Rally without any probs?


Do you remember when the CRF250 Rally first launched way back in 2017? 

Could a bigger tank, odd lights and a fairing be just what this iconic bike platform needed to turn it into a RTW conqueror?

With hindsight I think Honda knew what they were doing. 

Unfortunately for us, our CRF250L Hard Parts didn’t fit the CRF250 Rally. 

So, when Honda launched the CRF300L and CRF300, we (I) assumed that the same would apply. 

We made our CRF300L Hard Parts and I started to shout from the roof tops. 

What I should have done, was make sure I’d actually test fitted the parts on the new CRF300 Rally first. 

Because if I had done I would have been able to say this from the start…

“Our Honda CRF300 Hard Parts fit both the L and the Rally versions of this wonderful bike!”

Last week I finally got round to doing the test fit on my mate Clive’s bike.

Everything fit. 

The side and rear luggage racks.

The radiator brace.

The tail tidy.

Even the bashplate - Clive has done the ‘cut fairing off with an angle grinder mod’. 


Greg Villalobos

PS - if you are in any CRF300 L/Rally Facebook Groups or Forums could you help me share the good news please?


Clive gets rather excited about his new CRF300 Rally Hard Parts


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