Baltic Mid Layers
Adventure Spec layering system


Now I will be the first to admit, this is not the most obvious photo to help sell Adventure Spec gear. 

For starters, there are no motorcycles in shot. 

There are no trails. 

There are no tents. 

There's not even any terra firma. 

We have Noel and Wil enjoying the sunshine on the deck of a ferry bound for Santander, northern Spain. 

Because if you live on an island like the UK, and want to ride anything other than the trails on that island, getting on a ferry is almost a necessity. 

The crossing was long and choppy, two nights in fact (which puts it almost in 'cruise' territory). 

I remember we were all itching to hit the trails and spent much of the 30 odd hours on the boat thinking about the adventure ahead. 

How much motorway would we have to endure before the trails?

Where would we stay the first night?

Did I remember to pack my favourite Leatherman?

Would we make it to the mountains?

Did I have the right tyres fitted?

Who would break down first?

(Please don't let me break down first).

The team was tense with anticipation. 

It's such a great feeling. 

On that deck, enjoying the sun (and trying to ward off sea sickness) Noel and Wil are basking in their Baltic mid layers

Noel's Baltic Hybrid and Wil's Baltic Insulated jacket are part of their Adventure Spec layering system. 

It's gear that's built for the outdoors, with features you need for adventure motorcycling. 

As you can see, at home on the deck of a windy ferry.

And built to keep you warm while riding in the Pyrenees mountains. 

Versatile enough to be used on and off the bike. 

Which means you can take less gear. 

Because you know that light is right. 

It's not long now until those ferry cargo holds will be full of adventure bikes again. 

Exciting times ahead. 

Have you got your tickets sorted yet?


Greg Villalobos


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