Blue Mongolia Pant
Off the production line and on their way


I just typed ‘is double denim acceptable’ into Google. 

Now, as you would expect there’s some debate out there, but I’m planting my flag in the ‘yes’ camp. 

If Brad Pitt can pull it off that’s good enough for me. 

Which is handy seeing as Adventure Spec is firmly in its ‘blue’ phase. 

Eighteen months ago we started looking at introducing our next colours into our ADV Layering range. 

It was tempting to go bright and bold, the kind of colour combo that ‘pops’ while you are scrolling the socials. 

But really, we know that adventure riding for many of us is about using our bikes to spend time in the great outdoors. 

And sometimes it’s just better to look like you belong in the great outdoors. 

Like you are wearing outdoors gear, but on your adventure bike. 

Our factory have our next batch of Mongolia Pant on the production line. 

The same high performing, super comfortable, leg-over stretchy crotch, big boot friendly, CE AA rated adventure riding pant that we’ve been refining for the last five years. 

But not grey. 

Blue this time. 

We’ve designed it to work with our entire range of gear. 

Mix and match with the grey Singletrack Jacket for a versatile springtime ride combo. 

Or the Supershirt and Trailhead Jersey Jacket if the sun is already out where you are.

Or go Dakar rallying in the Mongolia Jacket. 

Or go ‘double denim’ with the new blue Singletrack Jacket

I’ll let you know as soon as the new blue Mongolia Pant is off the production line and on their way. 

What would Brad do?


Greg Villalobos

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