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Let's break this product review down...

"I have this along with the under pant thingies and the long leg base layer. It's great having base layers cut for bikers, and the silver ion odour control stuff is pure witchcraft - it just works." 

Firstly, it was left on our website by my friend Rupert after our 1000 mile adventure up into the Scottish Outer Hebrides. 


Davy, Rupert and Wil get a sweat on manhandling the 701 back down the trail.

Rupert gets ready to make camp after a long day in the saddle. He wears his Core Long Sleeve under his Supershirt.

Wil shows the kids Scottish mountains in a video call.

We rode from Newcastle to the tip of the Isle of Lewis and back over 7 days, camping every night. 

I didn't see Rupert sneak into a roadside laundrette so I'm pretty sure his base layers got a good smelly pounding. 

Secondly, the actual product Rupert is reviewing is the Core Long Sleeve. It's designed to keep you warm in cold conditions and comfortable in warmer conditions by wicking sweat away from your body. 

 Thirdly the 'under pant thingies' are the Core Shorts. If you are ripped and feeling brave you can wear them as shorts (UK translation!), but really they are underwear. The 'long leg base layer' is what you would expect, the Core Long Leg, a full leg version. 


Fourthly, when Rupert refers to 'base layers cut for bikers' he means that the Core Long Sleeve has some subtle features built just for adventure motorcyclists. 

Along side the 'body mapped zones' that feature different stitch densities based on body location, the Core Long Sleeve is cut overly long in length. Right down to your bum. This allows it to be tucked in super deep so it won't budge when you shift from sitting to standing while riding. 


Lastly, the 'silver ion odour witchcraft'. 

It really does feel like witchcraft. 

You can wear the entire Core Baselayer range for days and days without it starting to smell. 

It's not actually a Harry Potter spell.

It's science. 

The silver ion yarns woven into the fibres actually break down bacteria, turning germs into zombies that wipe each other out. Take a look at this post for more silver ion zombie action

As Rupert rounds off, 'it just works'. 

Our Core Long Sleeve, Long Leg and Shorts are now fully restocked in our UK, EU and USA stores. 

Bonus info, save 20% when you buy them with an Adventure Spec jacket. 


Greg Villalobos


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