CRF450L. It’s for sale.
The Adventure Spec Honda CRF450L is for sale.


The Adventure Spec Honda CRF450L is for sale. 

There is only one, so I appreciate that this email is quite niche, but maybe I can play match maker if you are:

  1. In the UK.
  2. Looking for a lightweight adventure bike that can genuinely munch the road miles and tackle the toughest trails.
  3. Have buttocks made of iron. 

I remember when we first heard about the CRF450L, our little corner of the internet exploded with excitement. 

Honda were taking the popular bullet proof CRF250L and doing a 450 version. 


Finally a manufacturer was listening to our community of lightweight adventure riders. 

We went on the press day, rode it, and booked it in for our Hard Parts treatment

We bought one of the first bikes in the UK. 

Dave rode it to Africa to surf sand dunes. 

(You can watch the film here).

We were so excited by this bike. 

The American’s are still so excited by this bike. 

The European’s, less so. 

A few years ago Honda stopped selling it into Europe. I don’t know why, probably the emissions or maybe the popularity of the CRF300L. The CRF450L after all the hype was not really the CRF250L’s big brother, more a distant much more athletic cousin. 

It’s a crying shame because, as I recently found out when I pulled our CRF450L out of the AS garage, this bike ROCKS. 

Pulls like a train on the road. 

Light and nimble on the trails. 

Everything you WANT the CRF300L (or Rally) to be. 

With the following caveats… 

  1. The seat is made of concrete (but you could fit a softer one).
  2. You’ll be doing an oil change every 3000 miles or so (how many miles do you actually ride a year?). 
  3. It’s tippy-toe tall (sorry can’t help you there). 

The Adventure Spec Honda CRF450L is a rare unicorn here in the UK and it’s time for ours to find a new stable. 

If you think that could be your garage hit reply and let’s talk. 

Greg Villalobos

Honda CRF450L.

4000 miles.
1 owner. 
45bhp (USA Factory ECU  + throttle body).

Fully kitted out with Adventure Spec Hard Parts including:

Mini Fairing + Screen.
Bash plate.
Side luggage racks.
Rear top luggage rack. 
Tail tidy.


IMS long range fuel tank. 



Save 25% on this lightweight top.