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At the end of last year we had a flurry of new bikes in to develop new Hard Parts for. 

The CRF300L.

The Tenere 700 World Raid.

And the Ducati Desert X

There is one that really surprised me. 

Because I like light bikes. 

And the Ducati Desert X is not a light bike. 

So why in the hell was I grinning so much! 

It was only with me for a few days but man that bike lit me up. 

OK so it's no EXC, it's still what I would class a 'big bike' but boy did it carry that weight well. 

Even wheeling it around the garage to fit our new Hard Parts it felt balanced and composed. 

And then out on the road... a flick of the right wrist and boom your grin is escaping from the sides of your helmet. 

I'm no moto-journo, you'll find better Desert X reviews elsewhere, I just wanted to let you know that if you own one of these you are a very, VERY lucky person. 

Would I take it on the trails? 

Not riding a loaner bike that needs to be returned in the same condition I borrowed it. 

If I did buy one, and I did want to venture onto the dirty stuff, I would definitely drop it. 

And that's precisely why we are launching our new Ducati Desert X Hard Parts today. 

Everything we know you need to turn your Desert X into a true adventure bike. 

Crash protection. 


Luggage mounting. 

See the full range of Ducati Desert X Hard Parts here

Available and ready to ship today from our UK, EU and USA stores. 

Greg Villalobos.

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