Is Light Right?
Sideburn Magazine wants to find out.


I was recently asked this question in an interview...

"Do you think being so vocal about light bikes turns riders of big ADVs off the brand? Or aren't they that sensitive?"

It got me thinking.

Have we shot ourselves in the foot?

Or more accurately, did I shoot Adventure Spec in the foot?

It was a good question from Gary Inman, the editor of Sideburn Magazine, and I must admit it took me quite a while to get the answer straight in my head before I wrote it down.

Adventure Spec recently started advertising in Sideburn.

For those that know the mag, you may be thinking we make odd bed fellows.

Sideburn is all about celebrating flat track racing, going fast around a dirt oval without a front brake.

Not very TET sensible.



It also manages to pack into its beautifully designed pages some of the very essence of why I swing my leg over a motorbike.

It's partly about the bike, but it's also about the culture.

And that includes adventure.

Small adventure bikes AND big adventure bikes.


Have a read of the rest of Gary's interview here and let me know if you think my answer was a cop out or not.

Hint, it's not about what's in between your legs, it's about what's in between your ears.


Greg Villalobos

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