Lightweight Adventure Festival
See you there


A while back I was approached by two guys who were putting on a new motorcycle festival

I’d never heard of them. 

They had never put on a festival before. 

Frankly I was a little surprised. 

But what I lacked in confidence they made up in self belief, courage and enthusiasm. 

For them the festival had become an adventure challenge. 

Could they bring a few hundred like minded souls together to celebrate the reason they all ride (mostly) little red bikes

Last year Marc and Jamie hosted the first ever Lightweight Adventure Festival

It didn’t bomb. 

I have it on good authority that people actually quite enjoyed themselves.

Imagine a great summer wedding but every single guest has been invited because they love motorbikes. 

And not just any motorbike, but the exact lightweight bikes that you love too. 

That was the vibe. 

Maybe you were there and came away with a new riding buddy or two?

This year they are doing it again. 

A little bit bigger. 

I suspect more than a little bit better. 

I will be there, along with a sea of CRF's. 

I’ll be bringing some prizes. 

There’s only a handful of tickets left. 

I'd love to meet you and hear your stories of lightweight adventure. 

Hopefully see you there. 

You can get your tickets here. 


Greg Villalobos

P.S. I take my hat off to you Marc and Jamie. The world needs more doers.


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