Matt crashed in The Supershirt
Here's the email he sent us

From: Matt B
To: Adventure Spec

Hi Greg,

I was asked by Maria to share my recent experience with the Supershirt.

As soon as i saw you guys wearing the shirt on one of your tours on YT (I think it was the Spain trip) I knew this was going to be a quality protective shirt, so I couldn't wait to spend my cash and get my hands on one.

The Supershirt was something I wanted to try to see if I could ditch the Alpinestars body armour and moto x shirt for.

I run quite hot when riding byways so don't like to wear heavy, cumbersome kit, although I want to stay protected. I don't like to look like I've jumped out of a computer game to shoot every mofo I meet on the trail either.
Wearing some of the moto x / enduro kit can have that effect, as it can make you look aggressive even if I'm not.

When it arrived it was a great fit, cool in summer although still good for layering etc.when it cooled off.

Four weeks ago i'd gone out for a ride locally on byways for 3hrs on a Honda Africa Twin, then switched to ride a new CRF300L to see how that felt, conditions were greasy and while changing across a stoney wide section at around 30mph - I lost the front & down i went fast.
The first thing I knew about the crash was a sharp pain in my right shoulder as I had landed directly on it and then bashed my head... it really rang my bell to be honest.

A couple of days later when I could eventually move about, the first thing after checking the bike was to check the condition of my Supershirt.

I was dreading checking it as I had a serious impact on rough stoney terrain at fast enough speeds, I didn't expect much of the right side to be left intact.

The smile on my face after checking it was from ear to ear, the only marks left were some ripple marks where the cloth gathered although no holes, abrasion gaps or loss of strength in the stitching - fair play to you all at AS that shirt is amazing and worth every penny...



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