New KTM 690 / GasGas ES700 / Husqvarna 701 Hard Part Prototypes
Just landed.


A little while ago I let you know that our new KTM 690 / GasGas ES700 / Husqvarna 701 Hard Part prototypes had just landed. 

Creating parts for this series of bike was always going to be a bit of a challenge. 

The fact is, there’s a lot of gear out there already. 

You have a lot of choice. 

We had some thorough conversations about whether we could add something to the mix. 

Or would we be treading on well worn toes?

Here’s the thing. 

The 690/700/701 platform is a ‘dual sport’ in the truest sense of the word. 

Maybe it’s the closest we have to the unicorn?

You can ride it fast. 

You can ride it slow.

You can rally it. 

You can race it. 

You can commute on it. 

We choose to multi-day adventure on it. 

And for that we think there’s some toes that haven’t been stepped on yet. 

In two areas specifically. 

1: Adding simple options for mounting navigation devices and providing long distance comfort at a reasonable cost. Also known as a Fairing (not a full on rally tower). 

2: The ability to strap luggage in a way that protects the bike and keeps the luggage very secure. Also known as Luggage Racks (not rackless luggage). 

There is a third.

3: Sensible protection for mission critical parts that would ruin your ride if damaged. Bahsplate, crashbars etc. 

I’ve just mounted the prototype parts to the new Adventure Spec GasGas 700ES and given it a thorough shakedown on the Kielder 500

Despite my best efforts nothing fell off. 

I’ve got a few tweaks to make, but we’re pretty close to signing this gear off. 

Which means (and don't hold me to this - delays do happen) you could get your hands on it late summer.

If you know a red/white/red unicorn owner who would be a good fit for this gear, let them know they can join you and be the first to find out about launch by subscribing to this newsletter here

As soon as this gear lands and is ready to buy I will let you know.


Greg Villalobos

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