New Waterproof Pant


There's a big slogan on our website right now that reads 'Outdoors gear for adventure motorcyclists'. 

Despite appearances, that short slogan has taken quite a while to get right. 

Because Adventure Spec gear sits in two camps. 

We make gear to keep you safe and comfortable on your bike. 

We know that you use your bike to enjoy the great outdoors. 

So it makes sense that the gear you choose to ride in should be able to perform both functions. 


I often look at our clothing range in the same way as if you were to walk into a big outdoor hiking store. 

Over there are your base layers, here are your mid layers and over there are your waterproofs. 

Except for one problem. 

Up until now there's been a really significant bit of gear that's been missing from the Adventure Spec rails. 

A waterproof pant. 




Last week I was out in the Lake District with Rupert and Chris throwing everything we could at the new Singletrack waterproof pant. 

This is a breathable, waterproof, wet weather riding pant that is designed to be put on at the start of the day and keep you dry and comfortable till you take it off at the end of the day. 

You can wear it over your own knee armour, and layer up underneath if it's cold.

But it's not an overpant. 

You put it on. You keep it on. 

It's a British autumn, winter, spring trail riding pant. 

Though, breathable, waterproof, all day comfortable.

As we left Northumberland our prayers for rain had not been answered so Rupert was on a mission to find the biggest wet muddy puddles he could find. Peppa Pig would have been proud.

Paired with the Linesman Jacket, Rupert had the ability to ride in comfort without a waterproof jacket in the sunshine.

The Singletrack Pant features the same lower boot closure as the popular Mongolia Pant, making it perfect for fitting over large MX style boots. Rupert is wearing UK size 12 / EU size 47 Tech 7's.

Using the braces supplied with The Singletrack Pant was a revelation in comfort. They kept everything where it was meant to be and work well with The Supershirt. Rupert stripped off layers while fashioning a trailside repair to his 701 nav tower (an unfortunate tumble snapped the carbon fibre mount).

Trail riding in the UK means mud. And mud can kill velcro. That's why the Singletrack Pant features both velcro AND an adjustable buckle closure.

Day 2 took us on the TET down The Old Coach Road, the closest you can get to an Icelandic backdrop in England.

As the heavens opened (yay!) it was time for Rupert to layer up with The Aqua Pac Jacket over his Linesman Jacket. The rest of the day was wall to wall fine, misty rain.

Every wet motorcyclists end of day dream - a drying room! This was at Hawkshead YHA

Rupert gearing up with his POD knee braces underneath his Singletrack Pant for the ride home. They did their job and saved him from serious damage in a nasty fall earlier in the trip. Kevlar panels on The Singletrack Pant are designed to help add abrasion resistance in the knee area.

A quick photoshoot on the way home as Rupert dons the blue Singletrack Jacket and tries out the new GasGas ES700 with Adventure Spec Hard Parts for size.

So, 400ish miles over everything you are likely to throw your Singletrack Pant at (apart from desert!). 

The last piece in the wet weather jigsaw is very VERY close to completion. 

If you've been holding out for this Adventure Spec pant that's been built with a British winter in mind, thank you for your patience, I think you are going to be well rewarded. 

I know you still have questions, I have more answers for you so stick with me and I'll be talking more about The Singletrack Pant in the coming weeks. 

The plan is to launch these late summer, early autumn ready for your wetter weather adventures. 

If you want to find out how the GasGas 700ES performed next to its little red cousin the CRF300L, stand by for the next chapter. 


Greg Villalobos

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