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If the TET Facebook Group is anything to go by, the 2024 adventure season is well and truly GO! 

So many memories being made with friends already, and the year is still young!

If you are living off the back of your bike for a week, you would be wise to think long and hard about what you pack into your panniers, and more importantly what you leave behind. 

Trust me, you will have just as much fun with half as much gear. 

Like underwear. 

I know, you are away for 7 days so that’s 7 set of boxer shorts, right? 

But when space is valuable, 7 x boxer shorts is expensive. 

Take this principle, and ask yourself what else you can leave behind?

Our Core Base Layers are designed to be worn day, after day, after day on multi-day adventures like the TET. 

They feature Silver Ion Yarn which breaks down bacteria and prevents odour buildup (find out how here).

They wick away sweat and dry super fast. 

You can wear them as swimming shorts.

I find that just two pairs of our Core Shorts can get me a long way if I’m willing to give them a quick wash mid trip. 

Dry by sundown. 

They are super comfortable, breathable and save me precious space which means I can take less and pack lighter. 

Light Is Right! 

The Core ShortsCore Long Leg and Core Long Sleeve are the foundation of your layering system and worthy of many an adventurous day on the TET.

Super exciting bonus for everyone who got to the end of the email - right now you can save 25% across the entire Core Base Layer range


Greg Villalobos



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