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A little story that will save you 25% by the end of this email. 

We had been on a trail that started wide and easy and got harder and harder the higher we went. 

The track got narrower, the drop off steeper, the rocks bigger, the steps higher. 

At some point it just made sense to give each other a helping hand. 

Noel and Davy had stayed behind to help Wil muscle his luggage laden 690 up and over an awkward rock step. 

Fortunately we all made it.

This photo caught my eye.

Noel is on his way to catch up with the others 

The thing that struck me was the fact that he looks perfectly in place walking up the trail in the middle of the countryside. 

He certainly doesn't look like he's wearing fully protective CE AA motorcycle kit.

But both his Linesman Pant and Supershirt are CE AA certified, feature level 2 armour to protect from impact injuries and are constructed from tough breathable fabric that is designed to resist abrasion. 

Over the top Noel is wearing The Trailhead Jersey Jacket. It’s super light, easy to put on and take off over body armour and is a great partner to The Supershirt. As far as I am aware, no one else makes a riding jersey with a zip up the front. It’s pretty neat. 

For me this pic really sums up our mission here at Adventure Spec. 

We make lightweight outdoors gear for adventure motorcyclists

Because we know that you use your bike to explore wild places, and sometimes, you’ve just got to get off and take a walk. 


Greg Villalobos 

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This layer is where the magic is.
The Linesman Jacket.