Small, medium or large adventure.
What size are yours?


I don’t know about you, but my adventure riding comes in three sizes. 


The small adventures are a day out on the bike. Sometimes with friends, sometimes solo. Home in time for a shower, dinner and bed. A big dose of the outdoors from my front door. 

Medium adventures are overnighters, often in a tent. Maybe a long weekend or a week away if I’m lucky. Riding new trails with friends, maybe a bit of TET, here in the UK. No passport required. Challenging enough to stretch me, but only a breakdown van phone call away from home in an emergency. 

Now, large adventures, for me that’s something that requires a passport. Exploration of new lands, different cultures and pointing at menus in a language I don’t understand. Big views, trails and terrain that I don’t get to ride at home. A sense of jeopardy for the duration followed by relief for making it back in one piece. Possible to pull off in a week, but more likely longer. 

I have a few emails I would like to send you, all about a medium sized adventure I took part in recently. 

They look like this: 

  • A short trail riding review of the new Himalayan 450. 
  • The Ride & Hike. 
  • The Linesman Pant. 

The first of these will be with you tomorrow.

In the meantime here’s a little teaser of what to expect. 


Greg Villalobos.


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