The Alpine Glove and The Mongolia Jacket.
We would grab these first.


There are two items in our Winter Sale that I think are worthy of your attention today. 

Because not only are they great (I put my hand up and admit I am not impartial - more on that in a second), but they are an absolute steal right now. 

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 Firstly, The Alpine Glove. 

These have become my default trail riding glove for all but the coldest or wettest of rides. 

Don't just take my not-very-impartial word for it. 

This feedback from Richard has been copied and pasted from the reviews section of our website...

"A great all 'rounder glove that I can ride on chilly mornings and don't even bother grabbing my lightweight vented gloves on a hot summers day ride cause these things are so damn comfortable in both conditions. These gloves also feel super tough! Gives me confidence that I'll be protected in case of a riding mishap. They fit quite good and only took a few rides to really mould to my hand. I could say that they now "they fit like a glove"...but, I wont. Great glove with a very reasonable price tag!"

Save 40% on the Alpine (and Dirt) Glove here

It's worth pointing out that Richard's review was left BEFORE the sale, so that 'reasonable price tag' now has a whopping 40% knocked off it! 

The Alpine Glove has been our biggest seller in the Winter Sale so far, and we are down to our last few units in some sizes.  

The other bit of gear that I really hope you get a good deal on is The Mongolia Jacket. 

Now, I know you don't feel like buying a vented jacket in the middle of winter. 

Right now it's cold and wet outside, it wouldn't be my first choice either. 


Summer will come. 

The sun will shine. 

It will get hot again. 

The dry, dusty trails will return. 

And when that happens, you are going to be able to bask in the warm glow of the superb hot weather adventure jacket you bagged with a 30% discount back in winter. 

Here's the review that Nick left...

"I love this jacket. It looks great. Fits brilliantly. It’s super light and very cool in hot climes. I wear it over a Supershirt with the armour removed and keep an Aqua Pac in the large back pocket just in case. Well proven over many miles in Spain this summer - totally faultless. Also used it for my commute on the freakish warm summer days in UK. Bring back the sunshine!"

Save 30% on The Mongolia Jacket (and Pant) here

 Stock is moving fast in our Winter Sale. 

We will be announcing the end date soon. 

There's gold for the price of silver in there. 


Greg Villalobos

adventure spec alpine glove motorbike motorcycle gloves



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