The Core Shorts and The Baltic Hybrid Jacket.
How long is too long.


How long is too long to not remove an item of clothing on an adventure?

Many years ago I remember cycling through the Atacama desert and not taking a single item of clothing off for a whole week. I rode, ate, slept, rode, ate slept, in the same clothes non stop. Even my underwear. My wife was thrilled. 

Now, I appreciate this is a little extreme, but if there’s two pieces of Adventure Spec clothing that I think deserve the ‘can be worn at all times’ label then these are they…

The Core Shorts and The Baltic Hybrid Jacket. 

Let’s start with the Baltic Hybrid Jacket

adventure spec baltic hybrid jacket outdoor hiking gear linesman pant trousers

The design brief for this mid layer was to develop a tool that allows you to regulate your temperature while riding. In other words, put it on if you are getting cold during long road sections and take it off if you are getting hot on the trails. Simple stuff. 

What makes it unique is the way that it balances materials based on what we know lightweight adventure riders need. It provides Thermore insulation in areas of your body susceptible to getting cold, whilst using super stretchy fabric everywhere else to keep bulk down and make it comfortable when worn underneath an outer layer jacket. 

As an added bonus, this stretch allows you to wear the Baltic Hybrid over your Supershirt without having to size up. Neat.

(BTW The Supershirt is now back in stock in our UK, EU & USA warehouses).

Buy the Baltic Hybrid Jacket here

What was not in the design brief, and I have really only come to discover after many thousands of miles of riding, is that The Baltic Hybrid is the perfect sleeping companion, especially as we enter the season of warm days and cold nights here in the northern hemisphere. 

As I crawl out of my sleeping bag at dawn for the first coffee (or wee!) of the day, you will find me wearing my Baltic Hybrid. It’s been on me all night, keeping me warm as the temperature drops. It’s a similar function as the extra blanket on your bed at home, but FAR more practical when on a lightweight adventure.

adventure spec baltic hybrid jacket outdoor hiking gear

As we enter early Autumn with the last opportunities for sensible multi-day camping trips on the bike, The Baltic Hybrid Jacket becomes the second most worn item of clothing in my Adventure Spec kit bag. 

What’s number one I hear you ask?

The Core Shorts. 

adventure spec core pants outdoor hiking gear

Yes that’s right, the most ‘boring’ item of clothing in our lineup is actually the one that gets the most use, and here’s why. 

The Core Shorts are incredibly comfortable. Flat lock seams and clever construction mean you just don’t really feel them when they are on. 

They resist odour. Silver ion yarns are woven into the fabric which helps The Core Shorts stay pong-free for longer. I regularly go at least three days without changing them on trips. 

They dry super quickly. If I’ve been sweaty they don’t stay wet for long, and when I eventually do peel them off for a wash in the river they are dry after a little bit of time in the sun strapped to the back of the bike. 

Buy Core Shorts here

 So, some may have a comment or two about my approach to trail personal hygiene, and I won’t deny that I don’t mind getting grubby on my lightweight bike adventures, but the upshot is that the more functions my gear performs, and the longer I can wear it, the less of it I need to take. 

And that’s the key to Light Is Right. 


Greg Villalobos

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