The Linesman Pant - Black.
New Colour.


Sometimes less really is more. 

When we are sitting around the board room sharing ideas for new gear, it’s easy to throw in grand ideas.  

“Wouldn’t it be great if…” 

Big ideas are great.  

They are essential.  

Deciding which of them stay on the table is the hard part.  

And always remembering what we are making, what it needs to do, and who we are making it for.  

That’s the magic ingredients right there.

Noel puts the Blue Linesman Pant through it's paces on the TET Spain

When we launched The Linesman Pant two years ago my palms were a little sweaty.

I didn’t know how it would go.

A LOT of ideas had been put on that table.

We had to decide which would stay and which would go.

We decided to stay laser focussed on what the Linesman Pant was designed to do.

It needed to be technical and provide the performance required for multi day TET adventures over hundreds of miles, from dirt to road.

It needed to be breathable and keep you cool in hot weather.

It needed to be CE AA certified and protect you if you came off on the road.

It needed to be as comfortable as a pair of hiking pants.

But most of all, it needed to do all these things and NOT look or feel like the technical adventure motorcycling pant it actually is.

No extra pockets.

No fancy zips.

No big logos.

Simplicity was the key.

Noel wears The Linesman Pant to explore on foot...

...and on the bike.

A technical adventure riding pant that looked like a pair of hiking pants.

For riders on the TET who value the art of blending in.

We put all our energy into the one thing that would have the most impact.

The fabric.

The Linesman Pant is constructed from a Bi-Stretch Panama Fabric.

We took the most stretchy, breathable, durable fabric we could find and then tweaked the weave to give it the density required to provide the tough abrasion resistance adventure motorcyclists need.

Add level 2 armour underneath and you get CE AA certified abrasion and impact resistance. 

It wasn’t as easy as adding fancy zips, but it was worth the effort.

Especially when we get reviews like this…

Congratulations in putting the thought and effort into developing The Linesman Pant. The result TBH is the most comfortable pair of biking trousers I've ever had the pleasure of wearing. I have to check that I'm actually wearing trousers. All day comfort, especially with the knee armour adjustability. Goes very well with my first generation Linesman jacket.

Today we are launching new Linesman Pant.

It’s exactly like the old Linesman Pant, but black.

Because even the blue was a little too wild for some of you.

We have 100+ pairs available now in our UK, EU and USA stores.  


Greg Villalobos 

P.S. If you’ve already put miles on the Linesman Pant I’d love to know how you are getting on. Just leave a review at the bottom of this page here



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