The Motoz Extreme Hybrid on the Trans Euro Trail
Greg Villalobos puts the Motoz Extreme Hybrid through it's paces with his KTM 450EXC


Prior to this trip I had been running the Motoz Mountain Hybrid rear which had lasted very well during a winters trail riding in the UK, so I was reasonably confident that the Extreme Hybrid would hold up to the distance required.

The day before we left I took the bike on a shake down run and managed to rip out the valve from my heavy duty inner tube. I think it was because I hadn’t tightened the rim lock sufficiently, and I was using new Talon cush drive wheels for the first time which had a wider profile. Whatever the cause, it certainly knocked my confidence so to compensate I made sure that the replacement tube was a little overinflated, as well as doing a proper job on the rim lock. For the duration of the trip I ran 22psi front and rear, which is higher than the general recommended max grip pressure, but on the plus side I didn’t get any more punctures.

Fresh rubber v 1300 TET miles

The rear performed well throughout the trip. It’s got a rounded profile so it rolls well on the road, and we did a lot of road miles. For the sandy tracks in the Netherlands, especially the very sandy stuff, I had to change my riding style and ended up putting all my weight on the rear for extra grip, virtually sitting on my panniers. I imagine this is standard practice for sand, however I think a more aggressive tyre would have made life a little easier.

We had expected mud in Belgium but it had mostly dried out by the time we got there. I managed to get a rock stuck between my swingarm and tyre which ‘re-moulded’ the profile a bit, apparently I had been smoking for some time before anyone behind me managed to get me to stop! I think this tyre would perform adequately in mud, but if you are in the seriously sloppy stuff you may want something more aggressive like the Motoz Tractionator Enduro S/T

The Extreme hybrid came into it’s own in the rocky Peak District of the UK TET. I found that the bike gripped well and I felt confident and planted. The blocks on the side of the tyre help with ruts too, making it easier to climb out when required.

One point to note is the noise, at the pressure I was running they were noisy on the road. Not to the point of distraction, but you do notice it.

Grip is a bit of a hard thing to communicate as it’s down to the way something feels. Wear is easier to describe. This tyre did 1300 miles and still looks fresh. I’d happily do another 1300 on it. The centre block is about 16mm deep and this trip took about 5mm off this. We did a 300 mile stretch of motorway and it’s not noticeably squared off at all. For the performance that you get off road, I think that’s pretty impressive.



This was the first time I have run the Motoz Extreme Hybrid front tyre. It took a little getting used to over the first few miles to the ferry, I think it just needed bedding in. I didn’t push it in terms of grip on this trip so it’s hard to say how it performs at the extremes, but in terms of a TET trip that involves considerable road mileage I was happy with it.

The block profile flings mud well, something that you notice coming off a muddy stretch onto tarmac as you can see the mud being thrown forwards infant of you. I don’t think it lasted quite as well as the rear and showed more signs of wear at the end of the 1300 miles. Certainly not ‘dead’ but perhaps not as fresh.

I ran 22psi and didn’t get any punctures.


The Motoz Extreme Hybrid is a Trials Hybrid tyre with stiffened side walls and the dimensions of a serious off-road tyre. It makes the perfect low impact UK trail tyre with amazing grip over a wide range of terrain, great road manners and unbelievable longevity. THE tyre of choice for many UK TRF riders. 

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