The new colour Mongolia Jacket
It's not black


A little story about colour. 

More specifically, the colour blue. 

About 18 months ago the Adventure Spec team were sat in a not so exciting office. 

It was time to start thinking about what future Adventure Spec was going to look like. 

Which is actually a pretty exciting conversation. 

On the table were all sorts of ideas about new gear and new directions. 

Among the bits of paper was this drawing. 

It was a simple plan of what colour directions we could go in with our new gear. 

Up till now we’ve been largely black and grey. 

Middle aged men are a funny bunch, we get excited about the big bold colours that the marketing people put in front of us… “yeah it looks great” we say, swiftly followed by “can I buy it in black?” 

For a small clothing manufacturer, choosing the right colour can make or break you. 

You want your gear to stand out, be recognisable and have an identity, but step too far from the ‘safe zone’ and it’s risky territory. 

In the next two weeks we are adding a new colour to our Mongolia range. 

It’s not black. 

It’s blue. 

Our new Mongolia Jacket in Blue is designed to work across the full Adventure Spec range. 

Yes there are more exciting colours, but we’ve worked hard to make sure that if you’ve got other Adventure Spec gear, this new blue jacket will fit right in. 

So, if you are already rocking a pair of Mongolia or Atacama Pants, and are looking for an incredibly tough and ventilated CE AA Dakar quality riding jacket that’s not grey, we’ve got you covered. 

It also works well with the upcoming Linesman Pant (more on those very soon). 

We have 166 new jackets leaving our factory on Monday.

They will be in stock in our UK, EU and USA stores in the next two weeks. 

I'll drop you an email as soon as they are ready. 


Greg Villalobos


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