The new Magadan Panniers Mk3
The perfect long distance motorcycle pannier


I would like to introduce you to the new Magadan Panniers Mk3

We have been working on these for over 10 years. 

Ever since Walter Colebatch handed us a drawing of his perfect ADV luggage system to explore Siberia. 

Our first version was good. 

Our second was better. 

Our third is the best. 

Here’s why. 

Firstly, we decided not to reinvent the wheel. 

Heather Sinclair is riding RTW right now on her PR7 with Magadan Mk2's. 

Go follow her here

The Magadan Mk1’s and Mk2’s have remained popular due to their simplicity. Riders trust them. We know riders who are still using our Mk1’s that they bought ten years ago. They age very well. They can be repaired easily anywhere in the world. We resisted the temptation to get overly technical with the Mk3’s. 

Secondly, we added versatility. 

Clive using a slimmed down TET setup on his CRF 300 Rally.

The Trans Euro Trail has changed the face of trail and adventure motorcycling in Europe. Covid has played its part too. For some, a RTW trip is just not on the cards right now. So it's more likely to be a multi day trip closer to home, or even just an overnighter. The Magadan Mk3’s are our most versatile luggage system. Our Molle Pouches allow your luggage to grow or shrink depending on your adventure. 

Keep it simple with 32 litres + 32 litres of storage

Add a full range of Molle Pouches depending on how long you are away and what extra storage you need

There is no thirdly. 

The Magadan Mk3’s are just as simple as the Mk2’s, but with more versatility. 

Now, there is a long list of features too, but I figured you may be a bit short of time in this email. 

If you want the full picture watch this film I made for you

And when you are ready, go take a look at the full Magadan Luggage system here

The new Magadan Mk3’s are in stock and ready to ship in our UK, EU warehouses right now, and will be arriving in our USA warehouse next week. 

You are the first to know that these are available to buy right now. 

Got any questions?

Drop me a message. 



Greg Villalobos


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