The Singletrack Jacket.
Are you using this (not very) secret feature?


I wrote this email last summer and forgot about it. 

It's been gathering dust in my drafts folder. 

I think now is a good time to set it free...

This email is for riders who wear The Singletrack Jacket.

There's a not-very-secret feature that I hope you are using. 

I was riding in the woods earlier this year and by a complete coincidence bumped into a group of guys from RallyMoto coming the opposite way. 

They were out doing some roadbook training - just cap headings, no tulips. 

The really hard nav. 


Jack rides in The Singletrack Jacket &. Pant (with optional Crocs).

It had been pouring with rain all morning, but the sun had just started to shine. 

The forest was lush and green and wet and hot and sticky. 

Just like the RallyMoto dude I bumped into. 

He was wearing a Blue Singletrack Jacket

It had kept him dry, but now he was in the tricky muddy stuff and the day was heating up. 

You could see the sweat dripping off his nose. 

I pulled up alongside him and held out my hand. 

It wasn't to shake his. 

I gave his arm a yank up and reached for the zip in his armpit.

He was probably wondering what the hell I was doing. 

Sorry dude. 

I grabbed hold of the zip, pulled down, and everything fell into place. 

A massive hole appeared in his underarm, letting hot vapour out and cooler air in. 

Greg recreates the 'Dude's' underarm vent release.

The Singletrack Jacket is designed with two huge underarm zip vents for just this very occasion. 

For when you're riding in the rain, but it's dried up, but could rain again, but you don't want to take your jacket off yet, but it's getting a bit hot and sweaty. 

Just one of the features that has helped make the versatile Singletrack one of our best sellers. 

And for those looking for less colour than our blue one, we recently launched this Triple Black version

"Dude" I'm sorry I didn't get your name, but I hope the rest of your RallyMoto training went well. 

And that you enjoyed the underarm breeze.


Greg Villalobos




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F2R roadbook holder and the Adventure Spec Mini Fairing.