The water in the pocket conundrum
What not to put in your pocket.


In this email you will learn about a limitation of our waterproof jackets, and potentially rethink where you stash your phone. 

Our Singletrack and Aqua Pac jackets are constructed from a three layer, 240 Dennier, Nylon 6-6 rip stop fabric that has a hydrostatic head rating of 30 meters.

You can translate that into 'very waterproof and tougher than your average hiking jacket' (or read more about the tech here).

I was in an outdoors shop recently with Jim (who looks after our product design) and Adam (who looks after you when you send us a Helpdesk message). 

We were taking in what the outdoors sector are up to, the colours, trends and innovations that are making their way from the design studios to the shop floor. 

Jim opened up the pocket of a waterproof jacket and showed us this.

The three part laminate fabric that most manufacturers use in their waterproof jackets, including us, is great at keeping rain on the outside, and allowing sweat from your body to pass through from the inside to the outside. 

For the majority of the jacket this is perfect, the moisture on your sweaty back can escape through the fabric. 

However, there are limitations and possible weak points. 

Specifically, the pockets. 

Nobody makes a 100% waterproof pocket.

There are two key challenges to contend with. 

Firstly, zippers. 

Our jackets, like most outdoor jackets, have water resistant zippers. 

Waterproof zippers do actually exist but you wouldn’t easily be able to open the pockets as they are very stiff.

They are also ridiculously expensive (our jackets would probably double in price if we used them). 

We use water resistant zips which means they stop most of the water, but if they are bent or twisted small holes can open in the teeth and a small amount of water could find its way into the pocket.

Plus, if it's raining and you open your pocket for any reason, rainwater will find its way in. Zip up and that water is going to stay there. 

Secondly, condensation. 

Our jackets are breathable, and that keeps you comfortable when you are riding.  

But as your body heat drives moisture through the fabric it can condensate on cooler objects often stored in pockets, such as your lovely expensive phone. 

This moisture can then pool in the pocket.

And then it's got no where to go. 

And so sometimes, you may find that the pockets in your waterproof jacket are damp on the inside.

That's the limitation of pockets in waterproof gear.

Our advice is, if it's raining and you are using a phone, stash it in a layer underneath your waterproof jacket. 

Chris stashes his phone in his Mongolia Jacket underneath his Singletrack Jacket. Wise man. 

Our next batch of waterproof jackets will all have our own care labels in the pockets. 

Jim will be happy.


Greg Villalobos


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