This has had more miles than any other Adventure Spec gear
The Baltic Hybrid mid layer

What's Wil wearing underneath?


I own two items of Adventure Spec clothing that have had more miles put on them than any other. 

By some distance. 

You may think it’s my Linesman Jacket

You would be wrong. 

One is my Core Shorts, but that story is for another day. 

Today I ask for sixty seconds of your time to talk about the Baltic Hybrid Jacket

This is mine (I’ve had it for about 5 years). 

It was designed as a motorcycling mid layer. 

The fabric (fleece on the inside) is super stretchy so it comfortably fits over my body armour base layer.

When I’m not wearing armour it ‘shrinks’ back to a regular fit. 

It’s only partly insulated so my chest and kidneys stay warm, but my underarms and back can breathe. 

Without doubt, it has been on my body more than any other bit of AS kit. 

But it’s not because of the amount of riding I do. 

I have worn my Baltic Hybrid for life. 

Wil in 'popping to the pub' mode

If you bump into me at the Supermarket I’ll probably have it on. 

I throw it on when I jump on the bicycle for the school run. 

I may have even worn it at the birth of my child (but I’d have to check the photos as that day was a bit of a blur TBH). 

As far as value for money goes, the Baltic Hybrid has earned its keep and then some. 

Today we are launching our latest version. 

It’s just like the old version but black. 

I think it looks the nuts. 

I’m wearing one right now as I type. 

As soon as it’s cold enough on the bike I’ll be wearing it there too. 

Wil in 'riding to the pub' mode

Go take a look and get yours now from our UK and EU shop. USA, it will be with you in about a week. 


Greg Villalobos

PS - if you are looking for a deal and we have stock in your size, the non-current Baltic Hybrid Jacket in Blue is on sale right now. Go get it here. 

Buy the new Baltic Hybrid Mid Layer Jacket here

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