What Are The Alpine Gloves Actually Like?
Here’s the facts.


This message popped up on my phone recently. 

It got me thinking. 

What are the Alpine Gloves actually like?

Here’s the facts. 

We designed these gloves to sit somewhere between a super light MX style glove and a beefed up protective road glove. 

They serve that middle ground, where you want a bit more weather protection than the MX glove provides, but don’t want the restriction of a full road glove. 

The first and middle fingers are touch screen compatible which means you can keep your gloves on in colder conditions while operating your GPS from the bike. 

We’ve sold 408 pairs.

Now here’s the opinion. 

I love mine. 

They are my go-to glove for 80% of my rides, which are mostly a mix of twisty roads and dirt trails. 

I recently switched out from a Garmin Montana 700i GPS to the new DMD T665 Nav Phone. The phone responds well to the touch fingertips of the Alpine Gloves and it’s handy being able to remove it from its dock and stick it in my pocket while wearing the gloves. 

The same goes for my camera gear, easy to grab and use with the gloves on.

This is what they currently look like after about 2yrs of fairly heavy use. 

Do they get wet?

Yes, but they dry out quickly. 

The 20% of the time that I don’t use my Alpine Gloves roughly look like this. 

If it’s very cold in winter (sub 5 degrees) I will wear heavier winter gloves. 

If it’s pouring with rain all day I will put my waterproof winter gloves on. 

If I am heading out for long stretches of road and motorway riding I will use my road gloves that offer a bit more protection, and keep my Alpine Gloves in my pack for when I reach the trails. 

The bonus flip side is, I also wear my Alpine Gloves while cycling the kids to school in autumn and winter. 

Adventure and trail riding is often an exercise in compromise. 

Safety versus freedom. 

Warmth versus feeling. 

The Alpine Glove makes that compromise a little bit smaller. 

We have limited stock available in our UK, EU and USA stores right now. 

Our next restock will be early 2024. 


Greg Villalobos

P.S. If you are one of the 408  Alpine Glove riders, let us know how you are getting on with them. Just leave a review at the bottom of the product page here. Thanks! 


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