Why has the Linesman Pant taken so long?
A quick overview to the design, testing and CE certification process


In the next few weeks we will be ready to launch the new Linesman Pant.

I think you are going to love it.

There’s been some really great energy around the ‘not so secret’ media that’s made its way out so far.

But, there’s also been a little negativity fired my way.

Which is OK.

Mostly it can be summed up like this...

“Why are you taking so long to release those new blue pants I keep seeing?”

It’s a fair question.

With a long and a short answer.

I’m going to give you the short(ish) one.

In the UK and EU, any manufacturer who makes clothing that will be worn by motorcyclists riding on the road must get that garment CE certified.

It’s the law.

And it’s there to help you make informed decisions about how much protection you want to wear when riding, and what you can expect that protection to do.

Trust me, this is a good thing.

Even though it makes it more difficult for us manufacturers.

To get the new Linesman Pant into your hands this is (a condensed) snapshot of what we have done…

1: Develop a spec for new garment - what do we want it to do and how does it fit into our Adventure Spec clothing range?

2: Draw the new pant and work with our factory to produce a prototype.


You never get it right first time, there’s always stuff that doesn’t quite translate from the page to the real thing as you expected.

In the case of The Linesman Pant it was the knees. Trying to get armour to sit in the right place when you are both sitting and standing took us a few attempts. This is a requirement that’s pretty unique to adventure/trail/dualsport riders

3: Refine the prototype. This is what you have seen me doing in all our socials and films, riding the pant, learning about what works and what doesn’t, and then feeding that back to the factory to refine..

Test riding on the TET in Wales. Note the knee kevlar is sitting too high on the leg.

4: Send the finished pant for CE testing and certification.

Now, this is the critical, difficult, and long bit.

An independent lab runs a whole range of tests on The Linesman Pant, from abrasion tests to see how the material holds up in a slide on the road, to seam strength tests, to impact test, and more. It’s pretty full on.

The first time we submitted The Linesman Pant we learned that our knee panel need a double stitch not the single that we had used.

We fixed this and resubmitted.

Which takes more time.

The small label that means so much...

A few weeks ago we received our CE Certification for the Linesman Pant. It passed at AA standard which is exactly what we were aiming for.

Happy Days!

When you buy The Linesman Pant you can be confident that its safety performance has been checked and verified.

Style AND substance.

5: Go into production.

Which brings us bang up to date. That whole process above has taken well over 12 months, and a worldwide pandemic didn’t help.

But we are so, so close now. 

Thank you for waiting, if you are looking for a technical performing, non-technical looking adventure riding pant I think you are going to find that it’s been worth it.

As soon as they land you will be the first to know.  


Greg Villalobos

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