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When you buy your brand new adventure bike you probably aren't going to notice the mirrors. Why would you when the rest of it is so shiny and full of adventure potential?

But, if you're going to use the bike for anything more than a ride to the local coffee shop you'll sure notice the OEM mirrors after the first time you drop the bike. Probably you're going to notice that they aren't there any more. 

If you're really unlucky you're also going to notice that the master cylinder that the mirror is screwed into is also smashed. Oh dear. 


Swapping out OEM for Double Take mirrors is one of the first things we do with all our Adventure Spec bikes. We're going to ride these bikes hard and we're going to drop them. Double Take mirrors are virtually indestructible. They come in three options so you're covered whatever you ride. 

Doubletake Adventure Mirror


Designed for maximum view

Doubletake Enduro Mirror


Designed to be folded in

Doubletake Trail Mirro


Designed to stay out of the way

You're going to need a set of RAM Mounts to attach your Double Take mirror to your bike. This offers a really versatile mounting system that also makes it super easy to take the mirror on and off if you are going to be riding some really gnarly off road sections and just want them out of the way.   

Doubletake Adventure Mirror

Double Take Mirror

Ram Arm


Ram Ball

RAM Ball Mount

Reverse Thread Mount

Reverse Thread Adapter

(if you need it)