Adventure Spec works with trusted manufacturing partners to bring our design vision to life on behalf of our community. 

We are extremely fortunate to have forged strong partnerships with two factories who specialise in material production for our clothing and luggage, and metalwork for our Hard Parts.

In Bulgaria our factory specialises in the production of outdoor and military equipment and clothing. Our Adventure Spec partnership has seen the investment in people and specialised tools and machinery that is used to create highly waterproof and breathable clothing that is designed to withstand the unique requirements of the lightweight adventure rider.

Our Bulgaria factory has a material arm based in the UK who sources highly technical fabrics from around the world. Where these don’t exist we work with mills to manufacture our own fabrics. 

The requirements of the Adventure Spec Supershirt were so unique that our factory and mill worked together to create an ultrahigh-density polyethylene nylon blend that resulted in an incredibly abrasion resistant fabric in a light and breathable package. 

It was a dream collaboration and opened the door to more specialised fabric production.

Made in Bulgaria

Made in Portugal

Adventure Spec Hard Parts are made in Portugal via our collaboration with one of the leading motorcycle parts manufacturers in Europe. Our experience of adventure bikes, and the requirements of our lightweight adventure community are matched with decades of material and tooling experience. The quality of Hard Parts that are delivered is high and consistent.

Our clothing, fabric and hard parts factories are all based in Europe which was no accident. We benefit from:

Rapid prototyping, testing and amends due to the close proximity to Adventure Spec HQ. It’s very easy for us to test gear and tweak it, both before and during production cycles.

We operate with confidence that the men and women on our production lines are being treated well and fairly due to both our trusted partners and the European health and safety, and employment laws they operate under.

We lower our environmental impact by producing less transport emissions due to a European supply chain.

All Adventure Spec gear is built to withstand wear and tear and have a long life. We further reduce landfill by encouraging our customers to repair where possible.

Our packaging is recycled and we encourage our community to further recycle upon delivery.