If you are reading this then the chances are you enjoy spending time outdoors

Maybe it’s the big views, the sense of space, the thrill of adventure or
pushing yourself to go places you’ve never been before.

Whatever the reason, if you enjoy hiking, mountain climbing, kayaking, cycling, or any other self propelled outdoor pursuits, you are absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the gear that helps you enjoy your passion. The outdoors industry has got you covered.

Likewise, if you enjoy jumping on your motorcycle and disappearing off into the horizon via wonderful twisty roads then there’s a store near you that has all manner of leather and textile riding suits waiting for you. You have choice.


What if you love spending time in the outdoors, getting off the tarmac and onto dirt tracks, exploring remote villages and trails, finding epic views and making lifelong memories with friends, but you choose to do it on your lightweight adventure motorcycle?

The hiking gear in your cupboard will serve you well and keep you warm, dry or cool as you layer up or down as required, and you are benefiting from decades of research and development into the most cutting edge fabric technologies, BUT, the gear you wear is not built for riding motorcycles. It doesn’t fit right for standing and sitting with your arms stretched out, and most of all it’s not designed to give you the protection you need if you fall off on the road or trail.

So you opt for traditional motorcycle gear which is great for blasting up the road, and you ride with all the confidence that an armoured and abrasion resistant suit gives you, but the minute you hit the trails, start to build up a sweat, drop and pick up the bike a few times, set up camp and cook dinner on the campfire, you begin to think that surely there must be a better way.

Adventure Spec makes outdoors gear for adventure motorcyclists. 

Like you, we love spending time up mountains, in deserts, experiencing the sights and sounds of the countryside and the delights of new cultures in far off lands. We travel light and make camp wherever we find ourselves at the end of a hard day's ride. We seek out tracks and trails that take us far from the busy tourist routes.

We choose to do all of this on our motorcycle.

Our adventure starts at our front door, our method of transport a true testament to the idea that the journey is as important and enjoyable as the destination.

Our community has been poorly served by our choice of riding gear. 

Adventure Spec is changing this.

For the last decade we have been applying our experience in both the great outdoors and riding motorcycles to develop gear that is built around the unique requirements of the lightweight adventure motorcyclist.

We have combined fabric technologies that exist independently in the outdoors and motorcycle worlds to create a clothing system that is built to help you enjoy time on and off the bike in comfort and CE certified safety.

We don’t wear all in one riding suits that are perfect if you are riding through pouring rain, but hot, heavy and restrictive in all other conditions.

Our gear is built around the idea of ADV Layering, giving you the freedom to adapt your riding gear to the conditions you are experiencing. It’s a more comfortable, less tiring and safer way to experience adventures from your saddle.