Adventure-Spec Honda CRF450L Bash Skid Plate

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A rugged 4mm thick Aluminium Bash/Skid Plate for your Honda CRF450L designed to protect your engine and its many emission regulations 'extras' from the most intense of adventures.


The CRF450l is Hondas first fully road legal lightweight adventure bike to hit the market. It has some superb and unique characteristics making it uniquely suited to the long distance trail rider, but as with many such bikes even Hondas epic work can be improved upon a little for riders like ourselves.

Coming with a traditional twin cradle frame the engine is well protected from impacts onto flat surfaces, but less so for more pointed or thrown rock impacts. In addition, as a modern EURO spec engine it has a lot of additional pipes and tubes to the right lower side of the engine area that looked worryingly exposed to those of us at AS with memories of smashed engine bits on remote trails caused by flying debris.

The original Honda bashplate was low and plastic, the combination of which was not really providing the level of protection we’d normally be looking for. Hence the new design of AS CRF450l bashplate.

We’ve been making protection parts for many years so we started with our usual high quality aluminium plate and got to work.

You all know the points by now. Tough, light, welded, easy to fit and remove (for oil changes) and most importantly cut high where it’s needed and low where it isn’t to make sure that your bike stands the best chance of ending it’s trip with the same amount of oil and water inside that it started with.

We’ve already given our a good battering and so far it’s behaving beautifully.




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