Adventure-Spec Yamaha Tenere 700 Side Luggage Rack

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A set of powder coated, simple, lightweight rear luggage plates designed to keep your soft luggage from folding under your back wheels on your Yamaha Tenere 700 / T7 / T700. Also fits the new Tenere 700 World Raid. Weight 1.6kg / 3.5lb



Overland ready

Mount our Magadan Panniers for the perfect long distance ADV setup

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OEM Mounting

Fits directly to OEM fixings. No cutting or drilling required.

Pillion Footpegs

Mount with or without your pillion footpegs. 

"Just a few words to share with you, I got both parts fitted, in a record time, this morning on the bike. It shows me how good and really well thought these items are. It was a doodle to bolt on. The overall quality is fantastic. I can't be happier with it. And again this rack system is the best you can find on a T7 if you're after a lightweight rack system."

Good looker

Follows the lines of the bike for OEM style looks

Strap it on

Multiple mounting points for bungees and cam straps

"The side rails help a lot to pick up or move the Tenere. I dropped the bike twice so far and i was really impressed how quick i was able to move the bike because of the rails."

Integrated fit

Works perfectly with our T700 Top Luggage Rack

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Easy fit

Installs in minutes

"There are enough possibilities to secure different types of luggage. The racks don't have any sharp edges unlike other manufacturers. This means that the soft luggage cannot be damaged either."

The full package

Designed to work with our Tenere T700 Hard Parts

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Made in Europe

Manufactured to high standards in our EU factory

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From pictures of the legendary adventure-mad Chris Scott in the Tenere desert to images of the Dakar rally back in the mid-1980’s (when it was at it’s crazy best) the names Yamaha and Tenere come with some serious expectations loaded onto them.

In this case it seems that whilst the latest incarnation is no race bike in its standard trim it’s absolutely perfect for adventure riding… so, it wasn’t long after the final specs of the T700 were announced that we placed our order and as soon as the bike arrived Dave announced it was a big improvement on his original 1986 1Vj Tenere which first carried him across the Sahara ‘way-back-when’.

 However, like all adventure bikes, whilst the manufacturers are getting better at most things there are the usual missing parts that quickly become necessary if you want to use the bike for its intended purpose…

Have you ever crashed a bike with a tubular rear luggage rack? We have, it’s often not pretty. They sort of bend and can’t be pushed back into shape...or they just snap.

Our problem was that we never rode with hard boxes or huge heavy soft panniers. We rode with lightweight simple soft luggage (our Magadan Panniers for example) and just needed something to stop the bags folding under the back wheel when we hit whoops or off road sections. Talking of which… having ridden the Tenere we are pretty sure that luggage or not, most of you will be venturing onto tracks and trails on this awesome machine. So, we also need something that wouldn’t add too much weight to the bike (so that it could be lifted when dropped) and more importantly, survive multiple drops.

These simple flat plate 5000 series aluminium racks are the perfect companion to simple smaller soft throw over panniers. With multiple vertical slots for strapping options (and weight saving) a 4 layer powder coated finish and a simple 3 dimensional welded construction they served Dave well during his recent trip to Africa (he dropped the bike a few times apparently…) and were declared fit for production on his return.

For those of you using a squarer style of pannier please note that Dave used a simple Giant Loop Hot Springs Heat Shield to keep the rear of the right hand Magadan pannier off the exhaust.


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