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Updated for 2024! The Alpine Glove is medium weight, breathable glove that provides wind protection for off road riders. It is designed to offer good feel of handlebar controls whilst protecting hands from windchill. It is not waterproof. This updated version of the Alpine Glove now includes conductive fingertips and thumb making it even easier to use your touch screen device without taking the glove off. 113g / 3.9oz (size M).

Pinch and zoom

New for 2024 - The Alpine Glove now includes touch screen thumb, fore and middle finger tips. Use your GPS or phone without taking your gloves off. 

I’ve done a few thousand km with these now and they are wearing extremely well.
Surprisingly water resistant, certainly warm and great feel. - Nick

Durable tech

The touchscreen tech is woven into the finger fabric so it will never rub off. 

Built for dirt

A great balance between warmth, wind protection and lever control.

Adam also wears The Linesman Jacket and Mongolia Pant.

Got mine just in time for 10 day Balkans TET trip. Used them as the only pair for 2000kms and basicaly only had an issue on 30+ (almost 40 degrees C at some times) and regreted not taking the mx gloves along. Build quality, fit and comfortability are spot on! - Ivan

Feel everything apart from the cold

No need to remove your gloves to sort out straps, zips and buckles.

Michael also wears the Singletrack Jacket and Pant.

Designed for altitude

Perfect for three season use in cold, dry conditions.

I use these gloves for both trail riding and mountain biking. They have the advantage over most MTB gloves of having decent knuckle and finger first joint protection. - Dave

Need to go lighter?

Our Dirt Glove is as light as you can go. 


If you ride dirt you will know that the ideal glove is one that gives you maximum feel of your handlebar controls, especially for when the going gets technical. You also know that if your hands are freezing cold then you can’t feel anything. 

The Adventure Spec Alpine Glove is a medium weight glove that is designed to strike the right balance between weather protection and control.

Constructed with a polyester and elastane membrane, this three season glove protects your hands from windchill in all but the coldest environments. Weather protection is predominantly positioned on the back of the hands and fingers whilst the palm and fingertips use Amara fabric that mimics the feel of thin leather without degrading in the wash. 


Chris wears the Supershirt (Protective Layer), Baltic Hybrid (Mid Layer), Singletrack Jacket (Outer Layer), Linesman Pant (Outer Layer) & Alpine Gloves.  

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  • Windproof polyester and elastane membrane provide windchill protection
  • Amara fabric gives the feel of leather without degrading in the wash
  • Breathable
  • Foam knuckle inserts
  • Conductive touch screen thumb, fore and middle finger tips 
  • Rubber grip pattern on palm and fingers for increased control
  • Easy on pull tab

Watch the Alpine and Dirt Glove in action on the Trans Euro Trail


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