Adventure Spec Ducati Desert X Front Engine Guard

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    Adventure Spec lightweight stainless steel front engine guard for your Ducati Desert X. Essential protection for this vulnerable part of the bike. Designed to work with the Adventure Spec Desert X Bashplate. Weight = 266g / 9.4oz. Fits Ducati Desert X 2022. NOTE: This engine guard is NOT required when installing Adventure Spec Desert X crashbars.

    Essential protection

    Protects the vulnerable front engine from impact damage.

    Integrated fit

    Works with or without our bash / skid plate.

    Buy the bashplate here.  

    Easy fit

    Mounts in minutes. 

    Not required with crashbars

    This front engine guard is NOT required when installing Adventure Spec crashbars. The crash bars come with their own mounting system that replaces the front engine guard.

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    The full package

    Designed to work with our full range of Ducati Desert X Hard Parts.

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    Made in Europe

    Manufactured to high standards in our EU factory.

    Outdoors gear for adventure motorcyclists

    Our hard parts help get your bike ready for adventure. Our high performance lightweight clothing allows you ride in safety and comfort out on the trails.

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