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Adventure-Spec Honda CRF450L Tail Tidy

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    A strong and lightweight aluminium Tail Tidy for your Honda CRF450L to reduce the bulk of the rear end, while still being fully legal for road use.


    The CRF450l is Hondas first fully road legal lightweight adventure bike to hit the market. It has some superb and unique characteristics making it uniquely suited to the long distance trail rider, but as with many such bikes even Hondas epic work can be improved upon a little for riders like ourselves.

    We were really excited to get our hands on one of the first CRF450ls in the UK and spent quite a while admiring its fine lines on arrival…until we got to the rear of the bike…

    Our first question : What is that?

    Our second question : How long do Honda think that will last?

    The standard Honda tail tidy is no thing of beauty which, is unfortunate because we think the rest of the bike is… It is large, unwieldy and clearly prone to damage (although it is really well made).

    We thought about this one for while and concluded that if were to make an aftermarket part to address these problems it needed to:

    • Make the bike look better

    • Be smaller and far less prone to damage than the standard unit

    • Retain the ability of the bike to stay in fully legal road trim (if the purchaser chose)

    We’re really happy with the result. We’d even go as far as to say that if you add a small ‘plate and remove the side reflectors it makes the bike look amazing.





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