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Earlier this year we launched our Supershirt campaign.

It was the culmination of five years of innovation and hard work. 

We were really excited to bring you this revolutionary motorcycle safety product. 

Our plan was to use a Crowdfunding campaign to launch. 

We should have been shipping Autumn 2021. 


The project hit a road bump. 

There have been some supply issues that we didn’t see coming. 

It’s been incredibly frustrating, and considering we were in the process of launching, a little bit embarrassing. 

We’re really sorry to let you down.

We know you were looking forward to using The Supershirt. 

Until we have more certainty about production timings we have chosen to pause the campaign. 

Once we are over this road bump we will be in touch. 

Until then, thank you for your support and patience. 

Team Adventure Spec.