F2R roadbook holder and the Adventure Spec Mini Fairing.


Not so long ago Bill sent us this email:

"Hi. I am getting ready to purchase the F2R roadbook for an upcoming dual sport ride. I read the rally blog you did with the GasGas. I want to do the same set up. Was there any special mount you used for the F2R? Thanks"

So, on a freezing cold morning I headed into the garage and made this little vid explaining how I mounted my F2R roadbook holder to the Adventure Spec Mini Fairing 

Watch the short Instagram Reel here.

I've been using a mixture of this set up with the manual F2R roadbook, and a similar one using my DMD T665 Nav Phone for the recent RallyMoto roadbook rallies

Essentially, if the device you are trying to fit to our Mini Fairing is AMPS compatible you will be fine. 

If there's a bit of Adventure Spec gear that you are looking for some tech help with drop us a message and we will try our best to help. 


Greg Villalobos



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