Heavy Duty Stickers
Which three should we make?


Today I would like to ask for your help. 

A decision needs to be made, and it's a tricky one. 

Because each of the nine options on the table would be a winner. 

They are all bangers. 

But there's only room for three. 

Last year we started working with the team behind Sideburn Magazine

It's a wonderful quirky printed motorcycle mag that places creativity front and centre. 

You won't find anything like it on the magazine shelves in your local supermarket. 

A lot of the cutting edge graphics are the result of one very talented Andy Garside. 

He's spent decades honing his craft and shaping the creative, hipster, custom, flat track motorcycle scene. 

A seriously talented chap with an outstanding moustache. 

Andy + moustache + trials bike.

A little while ago I set Andy away on a simple task. 

Take our Mini Fairing Screen, and use it as a canvas to inject a little creativity into the lightweight adventure scene. 

A blank canvas...?

Nothing too rad or offensive, we're all ambassadors for responsible ADV after all, but something that would put a smile on your face every time you take a step back and grab a photo of your bike parked up against a wild background.

20% punk.

20% racy.

60% ADV. 

I commissioned nine designs, because frankly I figured at least half of them wouldn't work out. 

I was wrong. 

We would happily stock each of Andy's drawings. 

Maybe one day we will. 

But right now I can only choose three. 

They will be available this springtime along with our next delivery of Mini Fairings. 

I'd love to know which would be on your list. 

Take thirty seconds to let me know using this form here. 

The winning designs will be printed on heavy duty stickers (designed to survive a season of motocross) and sold along side our re-vamped Mini Fairings from about April. 

I'll let you know the winners soon. 

Thank you. 


Greg Villalobos


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